BRC Consulting

Our BRC consultants use a proven, four step approach to help you develop, implement, and maintain a BRC Food Safety and Quality System. 

BRC consulting services begin by performing a Gap Analysis at your facility, auditing your current practices against those in the BRC Standard. We then work with your staff and write policies and procedures to fill these gaps. Once the policies and procedures are written our consultants begin working with you and your employees to implement what is needed for full BRC compliance. Our consultants will help you perform all required risk analyses. We train your employees to ensure they know what they need to do and why they need to do it. The final step is your audit, for which we will be present to make sure the audit process is fair and balanced.

We provide knowledgeable, experienced, and affordable consultants to help you along the path to certification. Our BRC consultants have seen unmatched success and provide second to none customer service.

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We are pleased to now offer SQF Document Management software to help you manage your SQF system. For more information, please contact us.